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The Most Favorite Login IP

A basic knowledge as to what is a router, and what is IP address is a must for any internet savvy. Even if you are a beginner you should know where to begin with and this is exactly the place to start from.

  • So, a router is a machine that connects you from internet. Not you basically, your device to be specific. You may be using internet on your phone or your PC etc, so the direct source of your internet is your router, the device to be very clear, that is providing you with the connection. The router may be wireless or wired.
  • Now coming on to the next important Gk question, while you start with your router, i.e. IP address. The full form of IP is internet protocol. IP address is a set of unique combination of numbers, separated by zeroes, to identify the device that is using internet.

Your router or every router that is made uses a particular login IP. The most common of these varied login IPs’ is Login IP; in fact the Login IP is the most popular of all.


Now the question arises that why do we need to have all these details. If you want to configure your router, change the id or password of it, or if there is a need of applying or deleting some settings etc. Then you will need to know your router’s login IP.

Know your IP 

Now comes another important question and that is, how to know your router’s login IP?

  • To login to the router and change its configuration, see if the box of the router for the details, or;
  • Open a web browser, by using the internet provided by your router, type” routerlogin.net “then give the router’s id and password. The router’s IP address will be displayed under the router information.

How to log into your router?

For logging in to your router for some settings:

  • Open up a web browser.
  • Type the router IP address, for example type>
  • You do not need to add http://; the browser shall take it by default.
  • You can now access the login screen.


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