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Three Important Drivers Of Programmatic Advertising

With changing times, ways of advertising are becoming more and more sophisticated. All the time lags between the consumer research and advertising delivery are to be eliminated for faster and more effective advertising campaign. This immediacy in advertising is achieved with the help of programmatic video advertising. Let’s understand how the programmatic video agencies perform such result-oriented media buying.

Explained here are three important components that drive programmatic advertising to deliver immediate results.

  1. DSPs: DSPs stand for demand side platforms. DSPs give the overall view of the target audience specifications including size, demographics, preferred platforms etc.
  2. DMPs: DMPs stand for data management platforms. Data management platforms provide collective information about the end consumers derived from all types of database management tools such as cookies etc. These platforms help decode the target audience so that the most relevant ad reaches it.
  3. SSPs: SSPs is the characteristic relevant to the supplier side. It stands for Supply Side Platforms. The publishers take cues from visitor attention information available in the form of time spent on any page, preferred pages on any website and so on. The SSP decides which the most preferred site for the ad is. The publisher picks the ad that wins the bid and offers the space to it.

Thus, there is a cohesive network working at the backend before any advertisement reaches any specific page or other web property.

The main function of these platforms is to provide a seamless management support for ad inventory. The advertisers pay the programmatic video agency like Manesta Programmatic Agency to get the process of reaching the internet users completed in the fastest and the easiest possible way. The end result is more conversions per online ad campaign. The bonus comes in the form of consumer data that offers better approach for email campaigns.

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