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Top Reasons To Send A Press Release

One of the biggest misconceptions with press releases is the notion that they are only beneficial for larger brands and companies. Nothing could be further from the truth. The concept of the press release belongs to everyone. More importantly, the concept of the press release is something that can be taken advantage of by virtually any business, regardless of its size or target audience.

According to Akshat Thapa, CEO of NewswireNEXT, “Virtually all small businesses should include press releases in their marketing plans. Press releases can enhance your search engine visibility, add a layer of sophistication to your brand, pick up media attention, and boost traffic in the most proactive fashion possible.”

Those are just some of the main advantages to taking press releases seriously. As you are going to find, there are even more benefits waiting for those who are willing to put in the work.

How Press Releases Benefit Small Businesses

The press release has been part of the marketing playbook for almost as long as marketing as a concept has existed. However, it is just as relevant in the present as ever. Here are some of the reasons to explain why that is the case:

Current events: While you will want to avoid reaching in trying to establish a relatable connection to a major news story and your business, there are advantages to keeping up with current events. Generally speaking, there are current events that can be tied into the specifics of your business without too much trouble.

Cheap: A good press release can elevate your business to an entirely new plateau. One of the best things about that is the fact that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get that elevation. You simply have to know how to craft and distribute smart press releases.

Subtle: A good press release isn’t going to be some clumsy transition into your company and products. There should be a natural progression from the main topic of the press release to how someone interested in that topic can benefit from a business such as yours. The best press releases emphasize subtlety in how they get the marketing side of things across.

Shelf life: Press releases get indexed by and accessed from search engines at a steady rate for the long-term. This means that weeks, or even months, after you have written your press release, people are still going to find and read it.

Can you see the value in press releases for your company?

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