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Use Movavi Photo Focus to Blur Distractions in Your Image

Nobody wants a blurred image. But what if when you have to make the subject stand out against the remaining backdrop? Well, in such situations, its best to blur off the whole background to highlight the prima donna of your photo. But how are we going to achieve that creative blur magic? The regular photo editors are designed for fixing the blur not the creation of it. However, not to worry; leading software developer Movavi has come up with its Movavi Photo Focus to help creative photo editors with that dreamy blur touch on the images.

The post shares a brief on how easily you can create that blur effect in your photo with Movavi Photo Focus.

Step 1

Download & install the Movavi software in your computer.

Step 2

Go to Browse for Images & upload your photos to be blurred.

Step 3

Click on Macro symbol & move your cursor across the image to find Crosschair tool. The tool comes with blue points, one inner circle & one outer circle. It’s the outer circle which you will blur. Adjust Amount value from Blurred area to select the right level of blur intensity.

Step 4

Click on Save As and convert the photo in any image format if needed. For that, look for Convert/Export tab and begin the conversion.

Important features of Movavi Photo Focus

Different kinds of blur effects

Movavi Photo Focus allows you to experiment with blur effect in different ways-

  • You can blur distractions to accentuate the prominence of your main character
  • Apply various bokeh blur styles in photo such as hearts, stars, triangles etc.

Ability to make miniatures

Movavi Photo Focus is designed to create smart miniatures in your panoramic shots with tilt-shift filter when you want special focus for your main subject.

Several editing tasks

Movai Photo Focus also works as a photo editor to some extent. It can help you to edit different parameters of the photo. These include brightness, contrast, focus etc. the software also helps with frame transformations. You will be able to rotate, crop & resize the images.

Ability to convert images

Movavi Photo Focus is not just about blurring images. It can also convert your images into any popular image format. The software supports all kinds of popular image formats. The software assures no significant loss of quality of the photos during conversion.


Movavi Photo Focus is simple to use and just needs your basic editing skills.

Useful tips for users:

  • You can add the photos to the program window through drag & drop function.
  • To adjust area of blurred portion, drag the sides of outer circle outwards or inwards, as needed.

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