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Wechat Advertising Guide

WeChat started out as a mobile-based social networking app, but soon enough it started to change the tides of e-commerce in China. You have to learn about Wechat e-Commerce if you want to secure a foothold in the Chinese market.

The app lets users to text message, video message and chat; it also lets users save their bank details so they can pay for products and services through the app itself. Marketingtochina is an excellent strategy to get your business ahead. Because there are over 700 million WeChat users, it’s a rather big potential audience for any business.

Do you need a lot of money to advertise in Wechat?

WeChat marketing isn’t about big, splashy marketing campaigns that cost millions; it’s instead subtler, placing a video ad in WeChat is more effective than more elaborate forms of marketing. In other social media platforms, when a user clicks on an ad, it will take the user to the company’s website or prompt the user to download an app for the company, in WeChat, the option to pay directly from the app means that the user needn’t go through this frustrating process. The user can buy what they want without ever leaving the app. The extra steps involved can often lead to sales being lost, with WeChat that will never happen.

Because of these streamlined features, the app is an attractive marketing platform for businesses and an excellent place to shop for customers. A company that signs up for the WeChat wallet with Tencent, the developer of WeChat will have access to millions of would-be customers immediately. The unique e-commerce structure that WeChat has set up is the best way to conduct business on a mobile platform, and the rest of the world is likely to follow suit soon enough.

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