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What Do You Know About 101 Games?

You must have heard about Game Audio 101, if not then let me tell you that it is a profession of Composers, Voice Artists, Sound Designers and Audio programmers who works in the industry of video games. The creator of this site is Ben Long. He is a composer, sound designer and audio director. You can also get to see various articles by Ben and also the interviews with sound professionals.

There are three vital components in the game that is Music, Sound Design and Dialogue. A unique set of challenges are carried by each of them. The top professionals working in the industry provide creative technical and career contents.

There are many video games that you must have played. Video games generate not less than 90 billion dollars a year in revenue. Creating 101 games audio content and making it play seamlessly inside the software can be a huge creative and technical undertaking for sound professionals. Make sure that you daily check the audio job page for today`s industry positions. You can get the fresh opportunities as the page is updated daily.

There are ordinary public who may associated video games with popular titles like Guitar, but let me tell you that this is not enough. There is much more to this industry. The interacting entertainment industry is still growing and spans several genres and platforms.

Following are the important areas where development is concentrated:

  • Mobile- Android, Amazon
  • Web Based: HTML, WebGL, Social
  • Computer: PC/MAC Packaged Software
  • Embedded: Toys, LCD games, etc.

You hand eye coordination and problem solving skills can be improved by simply playing games. You cannot come to see such positive effects in other forms of entertainment. So let your tuner dialed to the 101 games and have more fun.

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