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What Is The About? is extremely common among people who use routers set up in small regions. People having a local area network or LAN set up in their homes or in the small office use the, which is a private default IP address. Read more to know all about this IP address.

How to Access this IP Address?

Before accessing data in this IP address, you first have to type these numbers in your web browser URL bar. You will simultaneously have to offer your password and user name so that you can view the home page of your present router.


Why Is this Specific IP Address Used?

Various manufacturers use it as their default private IP address for logging into the router web page. From there, they can just change the settings details of the modem in order to offer a more secure ambience to the network. Users can also change the DHCP settings and filter addresses simultaneously. However, they can also access various other features on the webpage of the router simply by entering the IP address at the URL bar. However, it is available only for devices simultaneously functioning as a:

  • Wireless access point
  • Router
  • Modem

Using the IP Address

The IP address is extremely common among people who set up routers in small areas. However, you can still have the chance to change the default address in case you feel that your password and username for the router have been compromised. If you can alter the default IP address, you have a big chance to prevent the illegal access of people to your router settings. However, it is advisable only if you feel that you have sufficient knowledge about routers and their settings. You need to make sure that you are not disturbing your private network settings, given that it will put your entire computer system and your personal details at risk. is a major constituent of wireless network and various other connections. Naturally, it is important to know how this IP address works and about its configurations and read more about it.

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