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Which Learning Style Works For You?

Every individual is different from the other and not everyone grasps information or studies the same way. So, it has been observed of varied performance among students in the same class. The reason behind the difference in the performances of students is related to their style of learning. Many students feel really shy to ask doubts about a concept in the classroom but there are students who are very prompt in asking doubts and learning new concepts quickly. Some may grasp only by seeing the diagrams while some may absorb more from a hands-on experiment. Let’s look into the different learning styles and how each can be addressed within a classroom or professional setting.

Here is the list of different learning styles which will help you to learn faster and better:

  1. Solitary: The learners in this group are more interested in working hard on their own or doing self-study. These type of learners are also called as interpersonal learners. The students who feel that they don’t need anybody’s help in studying or they don’t need anybody to push them for studying and learning are the solitary learners. They are independent and focused learners. They can learn difficult concepts like trigonometry, electric current, human brain, Equilibrium  which are present in subjects like maths, physics, biology and chemistry easily as they work hard and are self-motivated.
  2. Aural: Some students can focus more on studies while listening to songs or when someone orally explains the concept rather than reading texts. These type of learners are known as aural learners and this learning category is called as the auditory learning group. These learners have the ability to distinguish between the change in pitch or tone.
  3. Physical: The learners who always use their hands as a gesture while explaining a concept are the physical learners. These learners are also called as kinesthetic learners. These types of learners are fond of the learning process which includes physical activity. This can range anything from creating artwork with their hands to being able to manipulate what is being learned. They also love to walk and read at the same time. These types of learners are most of the time athletically gifted and tend to live in the present moment rather than in the future or the past.

  1. Visual: Have you ever found yourself drawing pictures of a biology process as you studied for a test? This may be a sign that you have instinctively practiced visual learning techniques. Visual learners attend to information most effectively when they see something, for example, pictures, diagrams, films and videos or demonstrations. The visual learner remembers 75% of what they read or see. They learn fast when they see it.
  2. Logical: The students who like using their brain for logical and mathematical reasoning, fall under the category of logical learners. They can recognize patterns easily as well as connections between seemingly meaningless content. These type of learners are always great with numbers and they constantly try to find the reason behind concepts.
  3. Social: These learners are good communicators with others. The social learner is unique in his/her ability to learn best through interactions with other people. They usually enjoy learning through topics discussed in a group setting and bouncing ideas off of other people. Social learners are gifted at reading others’ emotions and facial expressions as well as relationship dynamics.

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