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Why Responsive Web Design Is Important In the Era of Smartphones

Undoubtedly, we live in the era of smartphones, where each one of us uses our mobile phones to do online shopping, to connect with the friends and family members, and to do many other things. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly or responsive website design is important for your business as this may help (1) to gear up your brand image and (2) win the credibility in the market. Read more

A responsive website is the one that can change itself to fit and look perfect on all the gadgets. Once you choose this type of website design, there is no requirement for you to make any different arrangement.

3 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Is Important

  • No Need of Multiple URLs: Designing a separated website one for mobile and other for desktop is really difficult and managing them separately also needs lots of time and money. For these reasons, one need to switch to responsive web design, as in this case; you really don’t have to deal with numerous URLs. With this option, you need to handle only one URL that work both on mobile and desktop, which further save your money, time, and of course manpower.
  • Better User Experience: Browsing a responsive website offers better user experience as compared to desktop and save your time as well. It’s simple, that with the responsive website design you don’t need to go to your personal computer for every single purchase you make. It allows you to shipping anything; anytime, anywhere with just a single click on your smartphone.
  • Google Recommend It: Google works day and night to satisfy its users and responsive web design is something that plays an important role in giving a pleasant user experience. Therefore, Google recommends this web design and like its other algorithms, everyone should apply it for better search ranking.

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