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Why You Should Choose a Self-Hosted Blog

Are you staring a blog? If you have been doing research on the best platform to use to launch your blog, you’ve no doubt come across the term self-hosted. Having a self-hosted blog is where you buy a web hosting package from a web hosting service as opposed to having an account that is tied to the platform you are using.

There are several reasons why you should go with a self-hosted blog. They include the following;

  1. True Ownership and More Control

When you choose a web hosting company for your blog, you instantly get more control over the data on your website as opposed to using a service like Tumbler or WordPress. This means that at any time you want, you could move all the data from one platform to another without having to change your company or website name.

With a self-hosted blog, you also have full ownership of the website. This prevents a lot of problems should the platform you use close down.

  1. Improved Reputation

Having a self-hosted website looks more professional than using a free host. Sure there are ways you can buy a domain name to mask the address, but there will still be some indications that the website is a free hosted one. A fully hosted site advertises your professionalism to your customers and they keep coming back. This professional look is also ideal if you want to attract advertisers and links to your site.

  1. Increased Access to Better Features

When you choose to go the self-hosted route you open a world of possibilities and increased features to make your websites stand out even more. This means you can create a website that is uniquely yours; incorporating your brand name and colors into the content you share. To put this in perspective, consider that a WordPress.com website can only allow you to use 100 plugins a self-hosted WordPress site has more than 26,000 different plugins to choose from.

  1. Control the Ads on your Site

The easiest way to tell that a website is on a free host plan is by the advertisements that seem out of place. On a free host, you can’t control the ads shown on the site and when they clash with your content both in terms of formatting and message; this can be a big problem. It is also on way to make your website look less professional.

On a self-hosted blog, you can also display ads. The main difference is you can control the ads on your website. The biggest advantage is; you get to keep all the revenue from the ads.

A self-hosted plan also gives you the added benefit of some services you are not likely to find on a free host at no extra cost. One of the most advantageous is an email address that is linked to your domain. This type of email address looks so much more professional than a Gmail or Yahoo address.

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