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Writing Tips for Best Captions in Instagram

Instagram marketing is a great way to get your business off the ground, but you wouldn’t go anywhere if you can’t give your followers visually captivating content. You need to capture their attention as soon as they come across your post; the perfect photo isn’t enough, it should also come with the right caption.

Here are some important tips to help you out:

Write drafts before final post

Don’t post anything in a hurry, write a few ideas for captions down and consider them for a while, you can even ask for opinion from friends and coworkers. You might find that given time, you would come up with a better caption than the one you came up with in the spur of a moment.


Keep the first few lines catchy

Instagram captions have a maximum character limit of 2200. Remember that the people looking at your post can only see the first few lines before they have to click more. This is no reason for you to create ultra short captions. Instead put the important things in the first few lines and make it interesting enough that people will be compelled to click more and read through.

Don’t go overboard with the hashtags

A hashtag ties the conversations of different users into one stream. They are a great way to connect people who have similar interests but otherwise are unconnected. They are also a great way to use humor. However, don’t go with string of hashtags, it looks like spam, and users will avoid your post because of it. Use no more than 3-4 appropriate hashtags or none at all if the mood takes you. Also don’t start your Instagram captions with hashtags, add them at the end of the post so that people scrolling their feed see something substantial and not some random hashtags.

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